After London, we headed for Sweden, one of, if not, the most sustainable country in the world. We had two full days of researching and exploring the city of Stockholm and we were extremely excited!  Even though we have been traveling around Europe, of course Scandinavian country are much cooler (actually it was pretty cold when we were there) compared to Paris and London.  What was really astounding to us was the fact that the sun doesn't set until very very late at night.  10pm felt like early evening! Needless to say, our son, who usually sleeps around 7:30pm was too excited and could not go to sleep.

The first day of our research started from the food market. We saw many foods with international certification labels such as organic labels and fair trade labels, especially on coffee beans and chocolate.  Next, we researched the children's section in a department store. Here too, it was easy to find environmentally friendly products such as clothes made from recycled materials, gift boxes that can be reused, and products that donate a portion of sales to charities.  We also saw many sustainable ideas put into interior goods;  rugs made from recycled plastic bottles, cabinets made of cork, and bamboo fiber baby tableware.


We knew Sweden is in the forefront of sustainability but we wouldn't have known in detail if we did not visit.  Which is why we feel that it is important for us to keep posting and sending out information so that everyone knows and feels that the world is changing.  Next blog we will talk about a concept store we found in Stockholm.  Stay tuned!

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