Similar to Japan, there are differences between economic development in urban ad rural areas in Taiwan. In order to solve these social issues, Taiwan has established 2019 as the first year of "Regional Revitalization". What does it mean? Regional revitalization means working with the creative industry and designs to created new, sustainable developments with unique characteristics. For example, many historical buildings that were built during Japanese occupation still exists in Taipei and those have been renovated and revitalized. "Songshan Cultural and Creative Park" and “Huashan1914・Creative Park” which are both in Taipei, are examples of regional revitalization.

We visited the town of Yilan, where there was a community facility similar to the ones we found in Taipei. The area Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park was created in used to be the site for Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corporation over 100 years ago. Now they have renovated the area as a multi purpose park where you can experience traditional pottery, Taiwanese weaving techniques and visit many shops. Definitely a great place to go for both adults and children. The reason why it is difficult to inherit the traditions and techniques is because the number of successors is decreasing. We thought it really is a pitty that these great traditional techniques are dying but in order to increase the number of younger generations to want to inherit these techniques, there needs to be a way so that it is sustainable for all parties involved. Of course, there will be needs for the government to get involved and be able to communicate and introduce to the world about these wonderful techniques. The "Regional Revitalization" is an on-going project but we're happy to see that so many people are getting involved.

Please visit these areas when you visit Taiwan!

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