During our stay in Paris, we went to visit the shops that we researched while in Japan.  


Picture 1 - 3 : OMY (coloring paper made by recycled paper) It is a coloring book that can be enjoyed by the family. You can also decorate the room with various sizes. There are various themes, and all the designs are fun for children.


Picture 4 - 6: CSAO (fair trade) The color and embroidery are very unique to Africa. They are actively working on poverty reduction, support for artistic activities, and collaboration with leading brands.


Picture : KEUR BOUTIQUE (fair trade) Shop run by designers from Senegal. With a factory in their own country, they are able to make a wide range of products from clothes, accessories, quilting mats and children's chairs. Our son got this bracelet made by Senegal fabrics from the owner and he is in love with it!  We haven't seen him leave the house without it.

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