Did you know that most Patagonia products are repairable?

As the Hot Or Cool Institute researchers' report we shared before said, each of us can do the following:

  • Reducing purchases of new clothes is the most effective action to reduce the carbon footprint of fashion consumption.
  • If no other actions such as repairing/mending, washing at lower temperatures, or buying second-hand, purchases of new garments should be limited to an average 5 items per year for achieving consumption levels in line with the 1.5-degree target.

One great action we can take is to make things last longer. The other day the zipper part of my son's Patagonia coat broke, so we went to the store to request for a repair. I got a call that the repair was finished, so we went to pick it up. It was repaired beautifully and my son was happy that he can wear it a lot again this winter!

Patagonia also offers more than just repair service. Take a look at their website which offers various videos and guides where you can learn practical repair methods so you can love your clothes even more! Try it out!