KIND TALKS by miomojo
IG live - 8/11 @ 18:00


Kind talks - is a series of IG live talks where miomojo talks with Game Changers around the world.  The talks range from lifestyle, food, fashion, health and more! We are honored to announce that Yu-Ching from Borderless Creations will be talking with miomojo through the Kind talks!

Miomojo products can be found on Borderless Creations. Miomojo have been searching and researching different materials as a cruelty free brand. Miomojo's vision is to create a kinder, more sustainable world. They endeavor to produce innovative, cruelty-free products that never harm animals. With creativity and compassion, Miomojo have proved it’s possible to have fashion, without fashion victims.

Make sure to tune in on August 11th @ 6pm (Japan time) through @miomojo_italia!

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