We will have a booth at Eco Pro!

Eco Pro is an exhibition for solving social issues that open the way to a sustainable future.

This time we will be introducing two of Borderless Creations' eco-friendly brands, miomojo and ULAT!

~Vegan Leather & Recycled Material Bags~
Miomojo was born in Italy with the vision of designing a new generation of sustainable, animal-free fashion accessories to create a world that is kinder to nature and all living creatures. With creativity and passion, we have proven that it is possible to have fashion without fashion victims.

Since 2022, they have been certified as a B Corporation.

> Materials: bags made of recycled materials such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastics; bags made from fabric scraps and industrial plastics; bags made from apple peels and core waste from the food industry.

~wool dryer balls~.
These dryer balls are made from 100% Canadian premium wool; they are cute, make daily laundry fun, and are an ethical and sustainable choice. The sheep used are sourced from farms that treat them ethically.

> How to use : After washing and before starting the dryer mode, insert 3 balls and press the start button.
> Effect : No fabric softener is needed when washing. After drying, the clothes are wrinkle-free and fluffy. Drying time is reduced (on average, 30% less drying time is achieved)

Date December 7 (Wed.) - 9 (Fri.), 2022
Time 10:00-17:00
Place: Tokyo Big Sight, East Halls 4-6
Admission : Free (Registration required)