Thélaとの出会いは2019年の春、オンラインでサステナブルな商品を探していた時でした。 Thélaのオンラインショップを見つけ、ブランドのコンセプトやプロダクト自体もとても素敵で早速オーダーをしました。届いた商品は、捨てられたプラスチックバッグからできているとは思えないとても素敵な商品でした。そこから直接ブランドのファウンダーであるDitiへ連絡をしたのが全ての始まりでした。

Our first encounter with Théla was through an online search in the spring of 2019 when we were looking for brands and products that have sustainability in mind.  We found the online shop, loved the concept and the products and ordered a pouch.  When we first received our order, we were surprised that such a beautiful pouch can be made from discarded plastic bags!  And that was how we contacted Diti, the creator of Théla, and here we are now!  

Théla is a brand that started in Athens, Greece. The designer hails from India and is a graphic designer. While in India, she saw the growth of plastic consumption and started learning how harmful plastic is to the environment.

When she moved to Athens, she was confronted with an even higher consumption of plastic. Having grown up relatively plastic-free, she was inspired to do something about it. That is when she decided to put her knowledge of design and love for handmade and started crocheting with discarded plastic bags.

Diti, the founder of Théla says, "I started Théla not only to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfills and oceans but to also increase awareness about its impact and alternatives. My focus is on plastic because plastic (single-use or reusable) is the worst kind of material to dispose into the environment, however responsibly it is done. "

Diti is definitely one of many people (but still not enough people!) in the world trying to tackle the problem of plastic pollution. Her knowledge of environmental issues and human rights as well as graphic design really amazed us and her story resonated with us. A truly unique idea and product that is sturdy, stylish and usable ever day. It's hard to believe it is made out of discarded plastic bags. The stories behind the design and the various steps to make the products are equally amazing. The products are produced in India where the designer was born and raised; the brand is helping and has a proactive approach to end poverty. All the products are handmade and one of a kind and you can feel her love in each and every piece.

How are the pouches & clutches made from plastic?  See below!





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