There are over 20 brands that Borderless Creations are sourcing from.  We’ve introduced the brands and their products but who are the people behind the brands?  What are their thoughts?

We asked the same 10 questions to all the brands so that you can get a better understanding of the brands and their stories.

Today we interviewed Ms. Toni Desrosiers, the Founder of abeego.



Q1) What triggered you to tackle ethical and sustainable issues? 

A1) I've always been entrepreneurial and have known that I would start a business. Starting an ethical and sustainable company makes the most business sense in my opinion and is the way of the future as more people work to do more good. Inventing beeswax wrap and starting Abeego was fueled by my background in nutrition and my deep love of food coupled with my drive to create logical products to extend the life of food. 


Q2) What has changed from when the brand started and now?

A2) Abeego is almost 13 years old! So much has changed since the brand began, from the product we make to the way we run our company. Our core focus to keep food alive and teach the world the positive impact of keeping fresh food in a protective & breathable environment has held strong. We've evolved as a company and are thinking way beyond food wrap! Stay tuned for more Abeego goodness.


Q3) What was the hardest part of developing your brand? On the contrary, what was the best thing about continuing the brand?

A3) The hardest part of developing my brand was staying laser focused. It's easy to get distracted by new ideas and shiny objects but we've learned to say no to anything that takes us off our super focused path. The best thing about building the Abeego brand is all the people who I've shared this journey with. We have an incredible team at Abeego, who pour their hearts into the brand everyday and I think it shows. 


Q4) Tell us about someone that you know who are working on being sustainable. What kind of activity/initiative is this person doing?

A4) My friend Melodie Reynolds, founder of Elate Cosmetics has created a fantastic sustainable makeup brand that celebrates what makes us each uniquely beautiful. Beyond being a sustainable company she's an incredible business leader who values her team and community and makes the world a better place everyday.


Q5) What is your favorite quote? And why do you like it?

A5) “When an elder dies a library is burned and libraries throughout the world are ablaze.” Elizabeth Lindsay, National Geographic Explorer.

I've become aware of the wisdom that is being lost around the world, especially related to growing, cooking, preserving food. For thousands of years we learned about our food through shared knowledge passed from one generation to another, from one mother to another, from one farmer to another. In the last 100 years we've allowed this innate food wisdom to be removed from our hands. We read labels, measure calories and buy into food that is packaged with the promise of health. Meanwhile real food and the stories that have informed us for generations are being lost with every elder that passes on. At Abeego, we want to capture these stories to preserve and expand what it means to Keep Food Alive.


Q6) Tell us about any books or movies that have had a great influence in your life!

A6) "Food Not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and your Neighborhood into a Community" by Heather Flores.

My husband gave me this book 14 years ago and today I have a robust front yard garden and very little lawn.

"Start With Why" by Simon Sinek was a huge influence on me when I was building Abeego 12 years ago. I still reread it every year.


Q7) If you can eat ANYTHING now, what would it be?

A7) Homemade vanilla ice cream topped with fresh made strawberry sauce from the strawberries in my garden.


Q8) If you can go ANYWHERE now, where would you like to go?

A8) If I could go anywhere right now I'd like to go see my family. I had planned to visit them for 10 days this summer and it has been cancelled due to COVID-19. I miss them very much and would just like to give them a hug.


Q9) Any other country or city you want to live?

A9) I'd move to the countryside in France for a 6 month sabbatical and a change of pace. I'm French and would love to reconnect with my ancestral roots at some point in my life.


Q10) What are you most mindful of when you think of your lifestyle?

A10) I'm most mindful of my goal to live a long, healthy life. I want to be energetic and alive and that means filling my body with good food, happy thoughts and a loving community today.


[About abeego]

"abeego" is a Canadian company born in 2008 by Toni Desrosiers. "abeego" was born in 2008 as a manufacturer of original beeswax wraps in their own factory in Canada. One of the founding principle of abeego was, it just makes sense. Living foods (ie: foods that are consumed fresh, raw and/or in a condition as close as possible to their original, vibrant, living state) breaths. It's logical that they shouldn't be wrapped in airtight wrap. What's the best way to keep food alive and at the same time be eco-friendly? This was how the beeswax wrap was conceived. As far as we know, there are several manufacturers around the world, including Japan, which creates these wraps, but abeego is definitely a pioneer. 

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