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Nobody wants bad karma in their pocket.

That's why we made this iPhone SE2 case out of natural cork, a combination of Scandinavian minimalism and nature's own design. (Fits iPhone 6,7,8 as well)

Durable, sturdy and resilient to scratches


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15:21 is a Stockholm-based brand with a love for functional minimalist design.

The whole concept of 15:21 started with a missed train to work. The founder says, "Arriving at the train station at 15:21, I was a few seconds late but just in time to watch my train to work close its doors and slowly roll away. Instead of feeling frustrated, I had a moment of lucidity where I came to realize how my life was built around routines and my soul-less work. I began to pick up on an old project and started sketching on new ideas. And that's how 15:21 came about." 15:21 blends Scandinavian simplicity with nature's own aesthetics. All products are made in fine quality Portuguese cork with their belief: "It's our belief that nature should be nourished, not exploited. By working with cork, we do exactly that. "


Is it durable? Easy to hold? To be honest, we were a bit worried at first, but we were presently surprised! Definitely durable and strong and it surprised us that it was made from cork. It does have the feel and touch of a cork; it's light and easy to hold, perfect for a phone cover. The moderate roughness of the cork surface helps the anti-slip effect as well.