In our commitment to sustainability, we will continue to work with recycled materials or materials that do not harm the planet.

From the viewpoint of environmental protection, we try to deliver by simple packing.

At Borderless Creations, we try our best to minimize our carbon footprint.  Excessive packaging can increase CO2 emissions, so please understand that we are trying by using simple packaging. 


Borderless Creations care about how we ship our products; we are using mailers from NOISSUE and have joined the Sustainability Alliance.

The mailer we use to deliver will break down within 90 days in commercial compost and 180 days in domestic compost conditions, including wormfarm compost.

After degradation they must leave no harmful residues behind and the only residue left behind is a soil enhancer which is returned to the earth as plant food.

With every order of the mailer a tree is planted by NOISSUE.   Let's say goodbye to plastic mailers for good and plant more trees!


Our wrapping paper and boxes are made by recycled products.  Please try to reuse as much as possible to save the planet!

We use non-laminated, environmentally friendly paper tape for delivery. This reduces CO2 emissions by 20% compared to regular paper tape.



The attention card that comes with the product uses environmentally friendly paper with FSC certification.

In addition, instead of discarding it immediately, it is designed to be used as a mobile phone stand; please try to reuse!



We have adopted the use of zero-waste packaging, "stible" for delivery. stible is a new packaging service that enables the return and reuse of delivery packaging easily by customers. By reusing the containers, it saves resources and reduces waste and CO2 emissions. Borderless Creations is working together to solve the problem of wasteful shipping methods for brands, consumers, and the planet.

Due to various circumstances, there are cases where we cannot send via stible even if selected. For items that cannot be packaged in stible, we will continue to use letter pack, cardboard, compostable bags, etc.


We have implemented different ways to reduce CO2 emissions from our shipping as much as possible.

Orders received by Thursday will be shipped on Friday. If the shipping day coincides with a public holiday, the shipment will be sent on a weekday before the public holiday. We will notify you by email when the product is shipped. 

Goods will be delivered in Japan Post Yu-Packet or Yu-Pack Parcel  depending on delivery location and weight of goods.

In addition, we are using an eco-friendly shipping company called “ecohai”,  limited to the Tokyo area. Especially in central Tokyo (23 wards), bicycles are used for both collection and delivery.  Even if you are outside the 23 wards, a combination of bicycles and cars are used for delivery, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

Delivery is only within Japan.