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✔︎ Fairtrade
✔︎ Vegetable tanning leather 
✔︎ Heritage and innovation

Woven Triangle Bag

Traditional one-thread woven handle with sculptural lines and good capacity. There are two snap buttons hidden under the handle, and the woven leather part can be detached to clean the canvas. 

- Colors : IVORY | INK 
- 16 oz canvas Vegetable tanned leather
- Custom-Weaved: 16 oz canvas, we weaved 3 more yarns in the canvas and this made it more shaped when making structural bags.
- Practical: Canvas is sturdy to hold heavy objects, while itself is light-weighted.
- Environmental Friendly: Our dying process has been certificated that the goods meet the human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.
- Vegetable Tanned Leather: All our leather products are made of vegetable tanned leather, it is proceed by completely natural ingredients. The leathers used come from Italian tanneries, working with respect to traditional leather tanning techniques.
- Edges: We work precisely with leather edges, all edges are hand-sanded many times for delicate touch and perfect lines.
- Traces: Vegetable tanned leather goes darker and evolve with daily use, it records all your using histories, and it grows older with you.

- Two snap buttons hidden under the handle, and the woven leather part can be detached to wash the canvas.
- Please do dry it in the shade, do not use the dryer or the canvas will shrink.
- The 58cm triangle bag is sized to fit a 13-inch laptop, or scarf and small coat. A hidden pocket on the outside of the bag's surface is designed to store your phone and transportation card.


>> all Kamaro'an products

Kamaro’an was founded in 2015 by 3 members; each specialized in indigenous culture research and industrial design. The name Kamaro’an originates from Pangcah, and in indigenous language, it means “the place to live”. Each of their product is delicately handmade by skilled indigenous weavers; they explore authentic craftsmanship through minimalist design and are inspired by the Taiwanese indigenous culture. The materials and supplies are sourced from local manufacturers in Taiwan and all materials are in line with environmental sustainability. Kamaro’an says they "celebrate the uniqueness, timelessness and precision that hands can bring to life. "

Slowly Handmade //

Each of our products is handmade in our studio by young indigenous artisans, in a small but comfortable scale. We don't seek for large quantities, we love the balance of enough making for living. We do every work slowly but precisely.

Old and New //

We learn traditional crafts and stories with elder artisans, together the designers and young artisans develop concepts carefully to link the aged ordinary wisdoms to modern life.

Feature //

With the industrial design background, kamaro'an makes good use of clean structural forms to highlight the core weaving, and keep more costs for artisans. 

Atypical Product Lines //

Kamaro'an has atypical product lines, including bags, mirrors and lightings. This is because we develop products based on traditional weaving techniques, we continue it with the same usage. for instance the mountain-line-weaving to make the edge strong, the one-thread weaving for handle friction, and the lid-and-box form that carries tools in an era when there's no metal buttons. We want every concept and every detail makes sense.

Made in Taiwan //

The materials and suppliers are carefully sourced from local manufacturers in taiwan. All materials are in line with environmental sustainability.

From Taiwan //

Kamaro'an had gained massive attention in Taiwan since 2015. people in Taiwan found their cultural identities in kamaro'an: born natural as ancient indigenous, delicate as Japan*, relaxed and kind as the freedom and tolerance in Taiwan**. (Taiwan was under Japanese rule from 1895 to 1945)


Many recent Taiwan designs we have encountered are beautiful. This bag is something we highly recommend. We believe that appreciating handcrafts and techniques of old times that reside within the country and pairing it with modern aesthetics is a great value.  Their efforts on being environmentally-friendly is also very impressive.