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✔︎ Zero waste
✔︎ Reuse

Head back to school in style with a new set of cloth napkins! 

These napkins are 100% cotton flannel in fun and graphic prints. They are about 18cm x 20cm, the perfect size for your child. Pack them in a lunchbox or use them at home.

- Color : Surprise Mix
- Mixed sets will include 10 patterns and 2 solids.
- Each napkin is 1 ply.

- Size is about 18cm x 20cm

- Machine wash warm with like colors, dry in dryer.
- Wipes are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinkage.
- Edges are serged for durability and to prevent fraying.
- Napkins are made by Marley's mom in Eugene Oregon. 


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Marley's Monsters is a one-stop shop for eco-friendly, reusable products and unique baby goods.

Sarah (Marley and Fox's Mom) started Marley's Monsters while on maternity leave as an interior designer, waiting for the arrival of her first baby (Marley)  in January of 2013. As she  always had a passion for making anything and everything, Sarah decided to  make Marley something special before she was born. She decided that this project would be a stuffed monster made with the fabric scraps that she has collected for years. After hard work, dedication and trial and error, Marley's first monster was born. After the monster Sarah kept going and started making Marley everything she needed, always with sustainability and reusability in mind. Throughout the baby years, she tried product after product and learned what she liked and didn't like about each one before designing her own version.

Sarah left her job the summer of 2014 to follow her dreams and pursue Marley's Monsters and Marley full time. In 2016 they welcomed baby boy Fox and at that point were able to use all of their products once again and develop them even more. Sarah's husband Chad left his job in 2017 because of their  expansion and development of the wood product line.  Through having two children in a world full of disposables, they have realized the importance of reducing our waste with multi-functional products on both an environmental aspect and cost savings.

She says:

"Over the last year we have had the amazing opportunity to build a wonderful team to facilitate in-house production. We wouldn't be here today without every single one of these team members! We have way too much fun every day, but our most important task is to hand-make the highest quality product for our customers.

Thank you for making such a positive impact on our environment!"


We've been gradually changing our surroundings into sustainable products. However, when it comes to daily consumables, there aren't many alternatives yet and sometimes it's just easier to use what is in the market. The idea of this brand starts with stopping the use of daily disposables. It's a very simple idea; wash and reuse.  That's all!  Give it a try and reduce the garbage from your home!