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Each CELEMENT BADGE2 shows unique texture. It combines CELEMENT’s soft touching and a leather weave design. The more details bring the greater distinctiveness. The design of flexible open top let you easy to gather your cards. In addition, the back of BADGE2 can demonstrate your working permit. It’s more convenient to go in and out your workplace.

- CELEMENT, Tanned leather
- Package: Recycled grey board

- Height : 11.5 cm
- Width : 7 cm
- Depth : 0.8 cm
- Weight : 50g
- Colors : CLASSIC | BLACK | PINK 

- As these are all handmade, the pattern on the picture and the actual pattern may be differ


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CELEMENT LAB is based in Taiwan
The CELEMENT LAB makes the aesthetic of conflict for the daily supplies. We represent the new concept and material as lifestyle, which gives experience and objects a new perspective with humor and function.

CELEMENT is the mixture material It is hard looking but soft touching! We struck the balance between silicon and cement with special proportion. It breaks the rules of vision and touch which we are used to define objects. A new experience has conflict feeling but warm texture.

tough looking - hard and rough texture
soft touching - as soft as rubber and silicon
waterproof - easy to clean with water
heatproof - heat resistant from -40°C to 200°C


A very innovative company based in Taiwan. We especially love their mission; adding new concepts with new materials to create new everyday essentials. They give new new perspectives to everyday objects with humor and functionality.

CELEMENT is a mixture of different materials. It is hard looking but soft touching! They use silicon and cement to break the rules of vision and touch which we use to define objects. Hard, but soft… try to touch and feel for yourself; we guarantee that it is a new experience!