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✔︎ Plastic Free
✔︎ Natural
✔︎ FSC certified

100% natural kitchen sponge made from cellulose and loofah.

Many sponges are made of plastic, and small particles and debris (micro plastic) may have flowed out into the sea or river each time they are used. Simply replacing it with a natural material will prevent the outflow of micro plastic during use.

The cellulose surface is soft and the loofah surface is a little hard, so you can use it properly depending on the material of the item to be washed and the degree of dirt.

With a tag printed with the L'occasion logo, the simple yet casual fashion makes the dishwashing time fun.

It can be used not only in the kitchen but also as a sponge for cleaning the bath.

- Plastic free
An earth-friendly dishwashing sponge made of 100% natural materials.
There is no need to worry about the outflow of micro plastics.
- Natural materials
Since it is made entirely from natural materials, it will return to nature when disposed of by burying it in soil.
- No adhesive used
Since the adhesive surfaces of the two materials (cellulose and loofah) are sewn together, no adhesive is used and it is naturally gentle.
- Unbleached loofah
Uses unbleached natural color loofah.

Size : 110x70 × 20 mm
Material : Unbleached loofah, cellulose (tag: cotton)
Made in : China

* Because it is a natural material, mold may grow. It is recommended to squeeze lightly after use and dry thoroughly.
- The sponge expands when it gets wet;  please use it after soaking it in water.
- After use, squeeze out the water and let it dry.
- If you are concerned about dirt, you can boil it for 1 to 2 minutes.


L’occasion delivers eco-friendly products that sparks joy.

Made from the desire to create a fashionable yet eco-friendly original brand.L'occasion means "opportunity" in French.


We've been trying out sponges made by different brands using different materials. The ones we've tried all had good features but ultimately, we decided to give this natural kitchen sponge a try. It's reusable, plastic free, and natural. A great step towards zero waste lifestyle!

Many sponges are made of plastic which means the micro plastics can flow out into the sea and river by every use. This sponge is made of cellulose on one side and loofah on the other which makes it suitable for washing different items! Give them a try!

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