[Brand Story #2] PARA - Eco Product from Natural Rubber

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Eco Product from 100% Natural Rubber : PARA / Thailand


The founder and designer of PARA was born in Bangkok, Thailand.

She received a Master in Product Design in 2016 in Milan, Italy and a Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a designer and social entrepreneur looking to add value to one of Thailands top commodity: natural rubber. Her designs include lifestyle products with eco-minded concept.


Natural rubber is originally derived from latex found in the sap of rubber trees from Thailand, the first largest producer and exporter of natural rubber in the world. PARA started from the aspect of sustainability; rubber trees have a long life so, they also help the soil erosion problem as they are running off water on soil surface.



[Marbled Coaster & Marbled Placemat]

Double-sided handmade coaster & Placemat features latex color to fulfill your enjoyable dining time with a unique style. The handcrafted coaster sets are non-slip, waterproof and you can clean them easily with water. Moreover, Marbled also comes with fully-reusable packaging in which it receives a second life through reusing and made from the unbleached kraft paper without glue.

表裏使用可能な手作りコースター&ランチョンマットは、ユニークなスタイルで楽しいお食事の時間を実現するために、ラテックスの色を採用しています。滑り止めで防水性があり、水で簡単に掃除できます。 さらに、全に再利用可能なパッケージも付属しています。このパッケージでは、再使用することで、接着剤なしの漂白されていないクラフト紙で作られた2番目の寿命があります。



It allows you to contain a variety of beverages with a vacuum stopper, and fill any homemade juices easily as a smart funnel; with the shape and form as a perfect pourer.

さまざまな飲み物のストッパーとして使用可能。 真空ストッパー、飲み物などを瓶に入れる際に使用するジョウロや、ジュースなどを注ぐ際の注ぎ口としても使用できます。



Weave is entirely handwoven from natural rubber cords. The unique weave structure provides a special pattern that lead to be a stackable bottle storage. It was designed with a fully waterproof, easy to clean, and non-slip which is easy for holding an ice beverages.

Weaveは、天然ゴムのコードで完全に手織りされています。 ユニークな織り構造は、積み重ね可能なボトル収納につながる特別なパターンを提供します。 それは、完全に防水で、掃除が簡単で、滑り止めがあり、アイス飲料を持ちやすいように設計されています。









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